Robert Camp was for eight and half years the Managing Partner of West Country law firm Stephens Scown.  During that time, he doubled the turnover and profit of the firm and its headcount, making it one of the region’s legal powerhouses.

Now as Director of Strategic Innovation he has the client experience firmly in his sights.

Stephens Scown is quite rightly considered one of the more innovative law firms in the country.  It first caught the market’s imagination in 2016 when it introduced its employee ownership scheme, called ‘Scownership’.  Now, the firm is now turning its attention to the customer experience.

Stowe Family Law is a dedicated family law firm with some 20 offices across the UK, primarily in the country’s wealthier towns and cities.  Each office is run by the firm’s lawyers, who, in combination with its experienced management team and external investors, Livingbridge Private Equity, are driving the business forward.

Spiranti met Stowe Family Law Chairman, Ken Fowlie, to learn more.

Spiranti have released the findings of an innovation benchmarking exercise in which they benchmarked over 70 firms across a range of sectors and turnovers. At a well-attended breakfast event led by Ben Kent, firms including the Big Four and Magic Circle discussed the findings. There were many interesting dimensions but in this article I will draw out some of the key findings. There are also bespoke Innovation Lab events for those firms that want to understand where they sit against the benchmark and to work on practical next steps to improve their positions click for more information. The innovation benchmark seeks to understand whether firms are building the culture and infrastructure for sustained innovation. It explores areas such as the technologies people are using, the innovation approaches being adopted, the barriers encountered, budget levels, and the outcomes that firms are achieving.

6point6 is a technology consultancy that cut its teeth delivering very large technology-led transformations for central government.  It has now turned its attention to the professional services industry. Spiranti met CEO and founder David Webb to find out why.

Creating the right mindset is critical if professional services firms are to drive and embrace innovation.  BDO through a volunteer army of innovation builders and its Idea Drop platform is changing the way its 5,000 UK staff think and approach work and client delivery.  Spiranti met BDO’s Chief Strategy Officer Zoe Bailey to discover more.

Richard Kemp is regarded as one of the world’s leading IT lawyers. He has been at the apex of law and technology since the 1980s and, with his colleagues at Kemp IT Law, continues to advise legal businesses and technology companies on the selection, procurement and use of IT.

Spiranti caught up with Richard to discuss the impact IT has on a changing legal market.

Milan Dalal of the Brook Intelligence Centre has a long history of helping professional services firms innovate and manage change.  He has been a close observer of innovation and the changing technology landscape and he shares with Spiranti his thoughts.

Israel is the world’s start-up nation. It boasts the highest number of start-up businesses per capita, with one start-up for every 1,400 people. Therefore, it is no surprise that it is also one of the rising forces in the legal tech revolution, as Adv. Zohar Fisher, founder of legal consultancy company Robus, explains.

The legal profession is undergoing a period of dramatic change.  New technology is reshaping the way legal services and bought and provided.  The training of law students, however, has been slow to respond, leaving too many students ill-equipped for the workplace.

Not all innovation is driven by technology.  With a clever working environment and a culture hungry for change, innovation will naturally occur, says PwC.