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Our favourite research reports

There is abundant noise and information about disruption, innovation and technology, all to be found via numerous, disparate channels. We’ve decided to collect the relevant research and evidence-driven reports in one place, with an overview and synopsis of why we like each piece.

Our aim is to make it easier for you to understand what your clients are thinking about, which technologies are being adapted and their resulting impact, how business models are changing in reality and how to implement best practice around innovation for the future.

We’d recommend you delve into the following reports, but here’s a brief summary of some key overall messages

  • Drivers of change are evolving client demands, shifting demographics, digital technology, new competitors harnessing technology, increasing regulation, and new, emerging markets.
  • To address these drivers of changes, professional firms need to embrace disruptive, digital technology and innovate by transforming their business models to retain and attract clients with relevant, value-for-money propositions and streamlined processes that build the client relationship.
  • In this environment of constant change, skills and mindsets are also essential to professional firms’ success in adapting to change. Key skills highlighted include agility, creativity, problem solving, communication, collaboration and data analysis.
  • On balance, across these reports, accountancy and management consultancy are embracing technology more than the legal sector. Whilst accounts and management consultants are seeing technology take over some of their traditional work, this is seen as an opportunity to add more high-value advisory services.
  • Management consultancy has generally diversified with success to address the pressing need for technological and digital consultancy, and many have started their own implementation practices.
  • In contrast, the property sector is at an earlier stage of remaining competitive by addressing new entrants and business models, which are exemplified in the growing ‘PropTech’ sector.

Explore our recommended reports, by sector: