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Prototyping: From ideas to implementation

This workshop is about breathing ideas into ideas. We will help you refine your propositions, defining how they will work in practice. With our help, you will develop prototypes, business case and activation plan.

Workshop agenda

  • Build your innovative idea into a prototype
    • Describe your idea – How will it look and work? Who are the end users? What are the features and functionality?
  • Create the business case
    • How much investment needed? What are the KPIs for the pilot? How will you measure progress? What is the expected ROI?
    • What will the impact be? How does it shift your brand?
  • Map out an activation plan
    • What is the implementation plan and roll-out?
    • Who and what do you need to make this happen? e.g. project team, experts, IT, consultants, creative agencies, etc.
    • How can you move to a pilot and minimum viable product?

Once you’ve undertaken the above exercises, we can act as an evaluating panel that the participants pitch their ideas and business case to.

The prototyping workshop can be taken as a follow-up to the ideation workshop.


The benefits of our Ideation and Prototyping workshops are:

  • Bring you from problem to actionable solution in less than a month, catalysing appetite for change and actual change.
  • Facilitate relationship building with peers across professional services.
  • Learn how to engender a culture of innovation and collaboration, which places the competitive positioning of your firm at its heart.

Who should attend?

Any leader, professional or manager keen to drive innovation.

Faculty and speakers

Matt Meckes is one of the founding partners of Cohaesus and the Director responsible for Agency & Startup channels. Cohaesus architects, builds and improves digital products and services for forward thinking clients.

Annette Muller has over 20 years’ experience in innovation and customer growth strategy development working with organisations such as EY, Diageo, GSK and Vodafone across the globe.

Mark Smith uses deep market insight, sharp strategic thinking and a rich understanding of behavioural change to create pragmatic and creative solutions to help professional services firms thrive and adapt in today’s competitive market.

Nigel Spencer led learning & development functions in two global law firms for over 13 years, creating a number of award-winning, innovative leadership development programmes, both for the firms and their clients. Amongst a number of strategic organisational development initiatives, Nigel was also part of a team which built the first London-based innovation hub in a global firm. An accredited executive coach, Nigel also carries out practice-based research on the effectiveness of learning in the workplace and the link between learning and business strategy.

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