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Ideation: Structured, actionable tools to kick start innovation

This workshop is focused on learning the principles of innovation by doing. Our aim is always to solve real problems with you, and you will leave this workshop having developed a number of exciting and tangible ideas to transform your firm.

Workshop  agenda

  • Discovery Start with insights about your clients, your business, talent model
  • Use these insights to define the problems that need to be solved 
    • Identify the broad problem area from which you can then determine the pain points.
    • These potential pain points will either relate to issues with your clients, your staff or firm profitability, or even all of the above.
    • We’ve created a series of tools to help you with this definition process.
  • Ideate
    • To inspire you, we’ll share case studies and tools that other professional service firms are using to solve real problems and generate ideas.
    • Each participant will generate a list of ideas, from which they or the group will prioritise a few.
    • Each participant will develop and explain their top ideas, creating an art gallery of those ideas.
    • The group will vote on the best ideas, using criteria such as:
      • Does it drive your firm’s profitability?
      • Does it drive client engagement?
      • Does it drive employee engagement?

We recommend that this workshop is followed by our Prototyping workshop, which would typically take place 2-3 weeks afterwards. During this time, participants will have started exploring the propositions created in this Ideation workshop, undertaking research and exploring the feasibility of their idea with colleagues, experts or clients. This research and consultative process will enable participants to finetune their ideas and finalise the ideation brief.


We’re firm believers that innovation doesn’t happen by accident. That is why we created an innovation toolkit to provide frameworks that liberate participants to be their most creative and insightful. Here are the benefits of our workshop:

  • Embed the client voice in the process and share best practice around client management.
  • Familiarise yourself with innovation tools and techniques that can be used again and again. Innovation is an ongoing, iterative process by its very nature.
  • Network with your professional peers in a highly interactive, collaborative workshop.

Who should attend?

Any leader, professional or manager who wants to drive innovation.

Faculty and speakers

Matt Meckes is one of the founding partners of Cohaesus and the Director responsible for Agency & Startup channels. Cohaesus architects, builds and improves digital products and services for forward thinking clients.

Annette Muller has over 20 years’ experience in innovation and customer growth strategy development working with organisations such as EY, Diageo, GSK and Vodafone across the globe.

Mark Smith uses deep market insight, sharp strategic thinking and a rich understanding of behavioural change to create pragmatic and creative solutions to help professional services firms thrive and adapt in today’s competitive market.

Nigel Spencer led learning & development functions in two global law firms for over 13 years, creating a number of award-winning, innovative leadership development programmes, both for the firms and their clients.  Amongst a number of strategic organisational development initiatives, Nigel was also part of a team which built the first London-based innovation hub in a global firm.  An accredited executive coach, Nigel also carries out practice-based research on the effectiveness of learning in the workplace and the link between learning and business strategy.

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