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Full and half-day tailored courses

As each firm will have their own particular needs and learning culture, we understand that thoughtful tailoring and collaboration with you is key to identifying the real needs of your firm and co-creating targeted, relevant workshops.

We take a modular approach to ensure that we deliver in bite-sized chunks that people can really focus on and interact with to embed change.

We use compelling case studies and innovation techniques adapted to professional service firms to stimulate participants’ creativity through real life examples, client issues and proven methodologies.

Our half-day to full day workshops below are flexible in their timing and location based on your requirements. We can also develop a programme with you, designing your own firm’s innovation academy to span a number of days. We can conduct the workshops at your office or provide an off-site facility.

Our approach is practical and positive, with a focus on solving specific problems and capitalising on opportunities. After each workshop, participants will walk out with new tools in their innovation toolkit to apply to these opportunities.

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