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Digital transformation – where are professional firms on the journey?

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Location: London: Venue TBC, London

At this breakfast Ben Kent will present the results of the Spiranti unique Innovation Benchmark Research.

The research benchmarks provides insight into the reality of innovation and technology adoption in the professional services sector.  The research has been completed by a range of professional firms including Big 4, Magic Circle firms, US law firms, large consultancies and boutiques.

The research will provide insights and benchmarks on:

  • What is driving firms to innovate – is it to improve quality, improve margins or in response to disruptive competitors?
  • Which technologies are firms using?  How many are using AI, automation, chatbots etc?  Which tech firms are they aware of?
  • What innovation approaches are firms using? Have firms embraced Silicon Valley-type innovation techniques eg incuabtors, innovation spaces, design sprints, collaborating with clients / tech businesses?
  • Case studies of success.  What innovations are firms most proud of?  What are the outcomes firms have achieved?
  • What are the barriers to innovation?  Is it lack of budget and skills, or is it risk aversion and lack of time?
  • How do firms decide what to invest in innovation?  What budgets have they set?  How do they measure ROI?
  • How do firms create a culture of innovation?

After the presentation there will be a round-table discussion of the implications of the research and practical steps firms can take.

Every attendee will be invited to take the benchmark and will be provided with a bespoke benchmarking report showing how their firms compare to similar firms.

Cost to attend:  £40. Spiranti Community members receive a 50% discount and pay £20